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Convert your WhatsApp voice notes to text

Convert your WhatsApp voice notes to text

Have you ever been receiving voice messages from WhatsApp and not being able to listen at that time? Now you can convert them to text and know in time what your friends communicate, even when the situation does not allow. All this thanks to Transcriber, without time limits.

Voice is frequently used in Whats*App. Each voice is a separate file with Opus audio codec. This app is developed to convert Opus voice note to Mp3 file. It also can merge multiple voice notes to a single mp3 file. In this app, all voices are displayed and can be played or shared. User can select one voice or multiple voices and convert or merge to a mp3 file. The mp3 file can be played in music player or be saved in computer/cloud.

The free version can merge 3 voices at most. Please access the Pro version for unlimited voice merging