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Block your applications with Block Pattern or Pin and active Intruder alarm

Protect your privacy by blocking applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Photos or any application that you consider private.
Select the type of security you prefer: Block Pattern or Pin, give it the required access and you will have the privacy you need in your Androids.

Put an intrusion alarm to your applications. Now you can activate the intruder alert option to activate when they try to enter without authorization. Set the desired failed attempt number and keep your intruder alarm set.

With AppLock you will have access to block application easily, efficiently and reliably. Keeping your apps blocked will no longer be a problem. AppLocker guarantees you to block APP just by installing it and selecting the applications you want.
Put a blocking pattern or a blocking pin to the APP that you consider private so that AppLock can put a lock that only you can open in the desired applications.
If you want to put key for applications or key for games this powerful lock gives you the possibility.

With AppLock you will never have to worry about:
 Because a friend borrows your android to play!
 Because a co-worker takes your android to browse!
 Why someone reads your confidential information in some of your applications!
 Because your children change phone settings, pay for games and make a disaster again!
 Not because your girlfriend reviews your social media conversations!
Only the necessary permissions are requested to manage access to applications.AppLocker does not access any private data of the user with the requested permissions. Have the confidence and security in this application.
Protect your messages and social networks and make your social life really yours without anyone reviewing what it does.