Best browser with full speed & less web data! Enjoy your Secure & Private time.

Fast: enjoy your surfing with fast loading speed and powerful adblock.
✔ Small: tiny app size (less than 0.5m) keeps your device smooth.
✔ Data saving: intelligent image loading & ad block help you reduce data usage.
✔ Customizable: design your own homepage easily and make it yours.

We want you to have a nice and smooth experience navigating the web, without too much resources use on your phone.

Here are some features:
► Small size and light browse
    • less than 0.5m 
    • optimized browse experience
► Data saving
    • save web page you like and read it later
    • intelligently load images
    • prevent ads load & web garbage
► Various customization
    • design your own homepage in such easy way
    • pick the operation on your own custom
    • choose top or bottom address bar in UI Mode
► AD block
    • default block by local hosts
    • custom block by storage hosts
    • ads mark
    • pop-up block
► Privacy
    • Incognito mode
    • clear data whenever you need
    • prevent being tracked
► Bookmarks
    • sync bookmarks and settings from your account
    • import/export .html bookmarks freely
► Add-ons
    • download manager
    • QR code scan
    • more on online add-ons
► Night mode
► Desktop site(User Agent)
► Page Translator
► Find in page
► Font size adjustment
► Search engine switch
► …

Desire for your feedback and suggestions to help Via improve. And please share Via with others if you enjoy your time.



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