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A Magical app which will teach you easy magic trick to read people's mind!

What if Tell you that I can read your mind ??

This app will not only read your mind, but will also teach you, how to do it.

This magical app will first perform the magic trick for you and then show you the secret of that trick!

It contains two mind reading magic trick!

Its an amazingly  simple magic trick now on we also added one more tricks so there are total of 2 magic trick for you to enjoy and learn.

It is a small and simple magic mind reading game, although this cool magic mind reading

Trick looks very hard but any kid will be able to do this easily.

Although this mind reading magic looks very difficult it is very easy.

Download it before your friends does and Simply amaze them by show them this cool mind reading magic trick.Good Luck!

About Game -

Step - 1 It is simple you just have to think of a number between 1 to 99.

Step - 2 Now there will be seven cards shown to you . If you See the number you thought of then press yes and if you don't simply press no button.

Step - 3 That's  it! App will tell you the exact number you thought of.


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