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The description of HyperNote - Note On Call Create Note on call

The description of HyperNote - Note On Call
★ Create Note on call
HyperNote allows you to create a note attached to a specific contact and see the note before you receive a call from the contact or immediately after you dial the contact. After the app is installed, it automatically pops up a window for that contact, when you make or receive a call. This window will be available for the duration of the call and for a short period afterwards. You can also minimize this window if it is blocking something on your screen.
★ Personalised Notes
You can create a note specific to a contact directly in this pop-up window. You can also create a note for any contact from the HyperNote main app screen.
★ Multiple Notes
You can create multiple notes for each contact and you can create notes for as many contacts as you wish. At any point you can see one note and use the previous and next buttons to see other notes.
★ Call Log
HyperNote also has a sophisticated Call Log, which allows you to search any call with just bare details that you might remember. For example, If you know, the approximate time of day, duration or the week day, you can zero in on the specific call.
★ Call Recording
HyperNote also allows you to record phone conversations during any point of time of the call. But please bear in mind that not all Android devices support full-fledged call recording. HyperNote uses a proprietary technique to detect the level of support offered by a device and in case a device does not offer any recording support, we still allow recording by switching on your speakerphone.