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Surprise the world with your ability to speak on the camera!

Stop making an endless number of bloopers, memorize complicated texts, write short hints on the paper and waste you time for creating a good video with speech. Now it\`s all in the past! With Selvi you will speak on the camera no worse than TV anchors and top video-bloggers.
    The unique function which helps to read recently prepared text on your phone screen right during the recording will make you popular!
    You will understand how easy it is to record informative videos, having a prompter app on your Smartphone. An auditorium will be astonished with your perfect ability to produce any amount of information on camera. Feel yourself like a TV presenter! Become a selfie-video star!
    The last app version functionality:
    -Create and import texts from your device memory (.txt);
    -Unique widget with movable text reflection on camera with the possibility to move it and change the size, for easy usage
    -Easy setting system for parameters of movable text (speed, size) with the help of screen gestures
    -Possibility to share recorded video on YouTube and any other social network
    -Possibility to export text from browser and from other apps to Selvi
    -Change of video resolution
    -Change of camera (front-facing or back camera)

    The app is developed in the original style by John Galt Studio.
    We want you to enjoy using our products.