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Scientific cheating Calculator with sms and internet option

The world's first calculator with the LIVE CHAT function and google search option
This calculator is one of the best and most powerful tools for passing exams on the market!

With Scientific  Calculator Live  Chat  getting answers and passing exams has never been easier!

At the first glance it looks like an ordinary calculator, but take a look closer and you will find some super cool and useful  functions.

This scientific calculator has different software from other calculators which allows you to connect to mobile phones and other scientific calculators! Getting answers has never been easier!

You can connect your calculator via Bluetooth to any Android and  iOS phone and exchange messages.

The calculator has an internet connection - you can use Google search to find answers to the questions!

You can also connect two calculators together and exchange answers with each other.

How to type text? Well it's super easy!

It's the same way we used to do it with the first cell phones. With numbers as text-keyboard you can type very fast and no one will notice that you are sending text messages by calculator.

The calculator displays text in 4 lines. It has both manual and auto text scrolling.

The calculator supports text files and you can save your text documents and answers to the calculator.

Emergency Button keeps you safe! If anyone starts suspecting, simply press the Emergency Button and the calculator will immediately exit chat mode and display numbers like an ordinary calculator. Of course, you can go back to chat mode any time. 

All these amazing functions make our calculator the best calculator students will ever need!

- wireless connection
- chat with mobile phones: unlimited distance
- chat with other calculators: 30 - 50 meters distance
- store 1 - 30 files with approximately 300,000 words
- supports scientific symbols
- X2 Battery AAA
- Emergency Button
- two operation modes: Calculator Mode and Chat Mode