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Motion Picture Pro gives life and natural movement to your photos.

Motion Picture lets your photos move naturally. Apply a fantastic Cinemagraph effect to your image.

Find a photo that wants it to move and then use the "mask" at all. Apply the place, then use the "Linear Arrow" and "Curve Arrow" to mark the place you want to move, and you can magically make the original static photo into motion picture.

Upload your motion picture on our feeds and show your art to world. Like most beautiful motion picture and encourage user.

Motion Picture is very easy to use and free Cinemagraph app

How to use:-
1. Make New Project.
2. select photo from your gallery.
3. Use the Motion tools to give movement and direct the effect.
4. Save your creation and export as GIF or Video.
5. Post Creation on our feed.


- Save your work in project and edit it any time.
- Undo and Redo your editing task.
- Save as GIF and Video.
- Change Output Resolution.

Share your motion picture on social media directly.