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Magic Calculator

You ask for it,we have make it
Introducing the Magic Calculator the new product of kupi24

The magic calculator is like any other simple calculator but it has powerful hidden features

By pressing one button it transforms from the calculator to a book reader,
allowing you to check your notes.

Calculator has extremely fast text scrolling speed so you can writhe down your notes in a second .

The Magic Calculator also allows you to sett your text brightness choosing between 4 different text modes .

And the best thing ever on  Magic calculator is that it haves emergency button , by pressing the emergency button it will eject you from the text and back to Calculator mode.

Also it will lock all other buttons, and to unlock it you need special combination of buttons so it impossible to unlock it.

The calculator has 4gb of memory, so it is very handy to use it as removable Disk

You can putt small photos, video, music , and record your speech on it .

It is plug and play system you don't need any software or driver to add text on it.

The Magic Calculator supports only txt* format files.