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File Manager + Status Saver for WhatsApp

Save the Status Photos & Videos of your friends

Manage all the WhatsApp media files like a pro

Check how much storage space does WhatsApp consume

Clear all unnecessary & sent files to save memory

What the App can do:
★ Helps you to organize your WhatsApp Media to better manage the precious storage space in your phone.
★ Helps you to manage files like documents, gifs, audio clips & hidden files like sent files etc... Which are not easy to do with the regular/default apps installed on your phone.
★ Helps you to save that status photo/video your best friend update in their profile.

What the app cannot do:
★ The App cannot read into your chats/voice calls. If it could, that would be a serious violation of your privacy. And since the App cannot look into your chat, it cannot retrieve your old messages.
★ The App cannot keep track of your old/deleted files. Hence it cannot retrieve such files. If that is your requirement, you should try any specialized file recovery applications.