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Feel Any Song in Virtual 3D Surround 7.1 System

Feel Any Song in Virtual 3D Surround 7.1 System

The True 3D Surround 7.1 MusicPlayer For Exceptional Sound Effects and Clarity    ***

*    Install The App
*    Connect The Headphone (wired or wireless)
*    Feel The True 3D Surround 7.1 Sound.

The best mp3 player for your Android phone

Note:This is offline mp3 player,it only support play the tracks that are available on your device!!!
-Supports files : MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF and more.
-Supports sound effects : - Equalizer with 5 bands
                                      - Bass boost can up to 1000 strengths.
                                      - Virtualizer can up to 1000 too.
                                      - 3D effects with full settings like : decay time, reflection levels, diffusion...
                                      - Speed settings : help you can adjust speed when play music.
                                      - Visualizer : supported for landscape backgrounds.
-Have awesome widget.
-Have sleep timer.
-Have notification media controller, can access directly songs list on notification media control box.
-Play music in background mode.
-Sorts songs by Folder , Albums , Artist , Playlist , Genres...
-Can create your own playlist.
-Can create your own audio headsets.
-10 audio headsets(include:"cartoon" and "cartoon 3D" audio headset,have you tried it?) and 5 themes (1 album art view and 4 landscape backgrounds) available.