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GRAVITY LAUNCHER VS is an Innovative launcher based on gravity.

GRAVITY LAUNCHER VS is an Innovative launcher with simple and user-friendly UI design. This launcher is inspired by real world physics. It has real world gravitational physics simulations. Icons in this launcher reacts to gravitational force.  This launcher also has Slider which can be used as shortcut to access apps. You can play with apps by touching on icons and then dragging it upwards and release it, Icons will fall like real objects. You can also drag icons and hit to other icons to create collisions. This launcher also has pinch zoom feature to zoom-in and zoom-out.

- Gravitational force simulations.
- Slider for instant access to apps.
- Option to organize your apps according to your choice.
- Hide option to hide unwanted apps.
- Customizable backgrounds to choose for launcher background.
- Pinch zoom feature.

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